Friday, March 18, 2016

QR Code Scanner - Generator iPhone / iPad Application


Change your smartphone into a powerful QR code Scanner utility. Create, use, and save data in a matter of QR Code.
This intuitive, full-featured QR Code utility will change the way you interact with QR Codes and their smart actions and activities.

1. Scan QR Code quickly.
2. Generate and Save QR Code.

Types Of QR:
1. Free Text
2. URL
3. Contact
4. Phone Number
5. SMS

Save generated QR code in Photos(Gallery).

NOTE: This application will access your gallery(For saving QR) and camera (For scan QR).




Sunday, February 7, 2016

Find My Family - Security - iPhone/iPad Application


Are you worried about family members? Where they are going and what they are doing? Here is the solution and get free from this tension. This application will track your family members and gives you a latest location of your family members ! Good to here, isn't it?

It is very simple to use. You need to create your own account and and use this application. Here is the guide / step by step how to use this app.


To easy understanding consider you as a FATHER and you want to track your daughter’s current location.

1. Download and create your own account. (Required information: Name, Email ID, Password, Profile Picture). After create account log-in with your credential.

2. Request your daughter with entering her Email ID. (Your daughter must have this app and need to log-in with her credentials).

3. If your daughter accept your request then and then you will get her location and more details. That's it. (Like Social apps)

NOTE that, If your daughter accept your request, you can track her BUT if she wants to track you she needs to send request and get your permission first.

It is very secure application and it will not send your data without your permission. Any user wants to track you he/she needs to send a request you first.

1. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
2. This app will access your gallery to upload profile picture.

1. This app will not send any personal data without your permission.
2. This app will access your current location and gallery to upload profile picture.
3. It never Encrypt / Decrypt personal data.
4. All tracking data is stored on secure server, There is no chance to have data.




Sunday, January 31, 2016

Help - Find My Family iPhone/iPad Application


1. What type of information will you get after accepting a request?
Ans: After accepting request, FATHER(Consider above example to understand) will get,
His daughter is ideal or moving. If moving then what is her speed, Her Exact Location, Timestamp, Device name from where her daughter accessing/Logged in this app, Heading, Accuracy of location, and altitude.

2. How many members can I include for tracking?
Ans: There is NO LIMIT to send / accept family request.

3. Can anyone know my location after sending a request but before accept it?
Ans: No one can get your location until you accept his/her location tracking request.

4. How can I find my family member?
Ans: Go To Request > Search > Enter Email ID. If user with this email id is available, it will give you detail with Profile picture. You can send it and wait till he/she will accept your request.

5. I need help / support from technical side.
Ans: Go to help center, You can directly Email to developer, check FAQ from blog site. Or you also can join social page to discuss your problem.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Device Tracker - LIVE iPhone / iPad Application


Device Tracker- LIVE is a personal application through which you can track 7 days mobile tracking LIVE ! Install the app, create account and allow app to access your current location, That's it. All your track data is available on server.So, Don’t need to worry about data loss. The major advantage of LIVE application is, You can also check your device location with using another device(Log-in with your credentials and you will get latest location of your lost device). It is very simple and useful app that helps you to track your own location date wise. THIS APP WON'T UPLOAD ANY PERSONAL DATA EXCEPT BELOW TRACKING DETAILS. It also able to track location even if app is not running actively.

IMPORTANT: "Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life."

Application has many more features as describe below:

1. 7 days Live Mobile tracking
2. Fetch your current location
3. Find address and get approx. Distance from current location.
4. Change Google Map Type to get satellite view. 

1. Install application and allow app to access your current location.
2. Register / Login
3. Check your locations date wise.
4. Find address and distance from your current location
5. Clear History on regular besis.
6. Logout, if you want to disable live location tracking.(Also Go to Settings > Device Tracking - LIVE and set Location to 'Never'.. For Saving Bettery Life)

1. Date and Time
2. Speed (mph)
3. Location (Latitude, Longitude, Altitude)
4. Accuracy
5. Device State (Moving / Ideal)
6. Heading (Which direction device is going, called heading)
7. Device Name

1. This app will not send any personal data except above tracking details.
2. It will never Encrypt/Decrypt personal data
3. It will track your personal data if and only if you allow to do so(and should Logged in).
4. All tracking data is stored on secure Server, so there is no chance to loss/hack data.
5. You will not able to recover data after deleting it.