Friday, January 22, 2016

Device Tracker Offline iPhone/iPad Application


Device Tracker- Offline is a personal application through which you can track UNLIMITED mobile tracking Offline. Install the app and allow app to access your current location, That's it. All your track data is available on your device only.So, Don’t need to worry about your personal data lose/ Data hacking. It is very simple and useful app that helps you to track your own location date wise. THIS APP WON'T UPLOAD ANY PERSONAL DATA.It also able to track location even if app is not running actively.

IMPORTANT: "Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life."

Application has many more features as describe below:

1. UNLIMITED Mobile tracking
2. Fetch your current location
3. Find address and get approx. Distance from current location.
4. Change Google Map Type to get satellite view. 

1. Install application and allow app to access your current location.
2. Check your locations date wise.
3. Find address and distance from your current location

1. Date and Time
2. Speed (mph)
3. Location (Latitude, Longitude, Altitude)
4. Accuracy
5. Device State (Moving / Ideal)
6. Heading (Which direction device is going, called heading)

1. This app will not send any personal data to 3rd party server.
2. It will never Encrypt/Decrypt personal data
3. It will track your personal data if and only if you allow to do so.
4. All tracking data is stored in your device only, so there is no chance to hack your data OR recover data after data loss (Or you delete all history from application.)
5. You will not able to recover data after deleting it. 


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