Sunday, January 31, 2016

Help - Find My Family iPhone/iPad Application


1. What type of information will you get after accepting a request?
Ans: After accepting request, FATHER(Consider above example to understand) will get,
His daughter is ideal or moving. If moving then what is her speed, Her Exact Location, Timestamp, Device name from where her daughter accessing/Logged in this app, Heading, Accuracy of location, and altitude.

2. How many members can I include for tracking?
Ans: There is NO LIMIT to send / accept family request.

3. Can anyone know my location after sending a request but before accept it?
Ans: No one can get your location until you accept his/her location tracking request.

4. How can I find my family member?
Ans: Go To Request > Search > Enter Email ID. If user with this email id is available, it will give you detail with Profile picture. You can send it and wait till he/she will accept your request.

5. I need help / support from technical side.
Ans: Go to help center, You can directly Email to developer, check FAQ from blog site. Or you also can join social page to discuss your problem.

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