Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Java Tutorials - iPhone/iPad Application


Java is only EVER-GREEN programming language in Computer science. Most of the people want to learn Java in easy manner. Here this application will help you to learn Basic+Advance concepts of Java Language. Almost all topics are covered including JSP, SERVLET, JDBC, HIBERNET etc. Now a days Basic java is also used for Android Application development. It is necessary for programmer to clear OOPs concept once. 

Advanced Topics covered:
- RMI (With Sample Program)
- JDBC (All Operations with sample Code)
- Socket Programming (With Sample Program)
- Others(eg. Applets, AWT Vs Swing, File Handling, Multithreading with programs)
- OOP Concepts (eg. Abstraction, Inheritance, Polymorphysm, Overloading, Overriding, Constructor, Interface, Encapsulation .etc)
- Interview Questions with answers:
1) Core JAVA related Interview Questions(63)
2) JSP Interview Questions(30)
3) Servlet Interview Questions(23)
4) Hibernet Interview Questions(50)
- Core JAVA Tutorials(21 Tutorials)
- Sample codes (Core JAVA 26 programs)

- Offline application !
- Sharing Option & Copy/paste option is also available !!!
- Tutorials for almost all java concepts.
- Sample codes are available.
- 160+ Interview Questions & Answers.




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