Wednesday, January 6, 2016

My Safe Password iOS Application


Tired of remembering multiple account password? In today's era, It is necessary to set different passwords for different account. If you are looking for most secure way to store all passwords, This application will help you to store all kind of passwords. You can access easily and safely. It uses AES 256Bit Encryption to store password. More over, It stores all data locally to prevent any type of fraud.
The only thing you have to do is to remember master password to access this application. Every time you need to enter master password to enter into application. You can trust this app 100% and you do not need to register any INTERNET account.


1. AES 256 Bit Encryption
2. All Password store locally (Reset app before uninstall app)
3. No Internet / Account required to store data
4. Forget Master Password / Change Master Password function is available

Categories Included:

1. Computer Login Passwords
2. Email Accounts
3. Credit / Debit Card Details
4. E - Banking Passwords
5. E - Shopping Passwords
6. Website Accounts



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